“Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Enver Hoxhaj, currently in Saudi Arabia, held a meeting with Director General of the Development Fund of Saudi Arabia, Yousef Al-Bassam, seeking to open a new chapter of cooperation between Kosovo and Saudi Arabia by supporting strategic projects.

The director of the fund committed to support Kosovo’s economic development amounting to a total of $70 million.

‘The first part goes to support the completion of the Pristina-Mitrovica highway, worth $15 million. Representatives of the fund have pledged to support the health sector in Kosovo and Kosovo’s plans to increase the efficiency and quality of health services by about $50 million. Also discussed are the possibilities of supporting Kosovo in the field of innovation and education,’ Hoxhaj said.” (translated from Lajmi)

Also on this trip, Deputy PM Hoxhaj questioned why more Arab and Muslim countries have not recognized Kosovo.

“When the independence of Kosovo was declared, we expected there would be a wave of support and recognition from Arab and Islamic countries but this did not happen. This lack of solidarity has greatly disappointed the citizens and the government of Kosovo,” Hoxhaj said in a speech at the King Faisal Centre for Research and Islamic Studies in Riyadh.

“It is absurd that ten years after independence, many Arab countries have not yet recognized the independence of Kosovo.” (Source: RTK Live)