“Three Serbs were arrested when Kosovo police officers raided a culture centre in a village outside the eastern town of Gnjilane, the Serbian state TV (RTS) reported on Tuesday but the police later raised the number of arrests to 5.

The Kosovo police said in a press release later that five people had been arrested for “activities against the constitution order and security of Kosovo.’ ‘The Kosovo police denies the reporting of some Serbian media/portals which said that a police operation is underway against former members of the Kosovo Security Forces,’ the press release said.

Unnamed Serb sources in that part of Kosovo said that the head of the (Serbian government’s) Kosovo-Pomoravlje District Radovan Stojkovic and the head of the (Serbian) National Employment Service branch in Gnjilane Jovan Denic had been arrested after being questioned in the centre. Those sources said the third man arrested was mechanic Nenad Stojanovic who works for the Army of Serbia (VS) in the southern Serbian town of Vranje.” (N1)

“The Serbs arrested in an early morning Kosovo police operation on Tuesday have been released after giving statements, the Serbian and Kosovo TV stations reported.

Prosecutor Yetish Maloku told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that the five people arrested in the Gnjilane area had been released after being questioned.

The Kosovo state TV (RTK) reported that the head of the (Serbian administrative) Kosovo-Pomoravlje District Radovan Stojkovic had been released quickly but that the four others were questioned for several hours.

RTK quoted brothers Aleksandar and Predrag Djordjevic who said they had been arrested on suspicion of undermining the constitutional order of Kosovo and threatening members of the Kosovo Security Forces. ‘We denied the charges and they found nothing that would incriminate us so we were released,’ Aleksandar said.” (N1)