“The relative winner of the elections, SDS President Janez Janša, has already announced that he will invite all parties to participate. The initiative for a possible coalition will obviously be assumed by the second-ranking, LMŠ President Marjan Šarec with a letter of intent on cooperation.

The media reported that Šarec had already met with Alenka Bratušek and would soon be with SMC President Miro Cerar. Now, the parties are expected to receive a written invitation from Sharc to co-create a proposal on cooperation on some key program points. The author of this letter of intent is Šarec, and after no later than tomorrow, he would send it to all parties, with the exception of the SDS.

With comments of post-election activities and conversations, the parties are extremely skeptical and usually do not comment on them. Dnevnik today reported that Cerar and Bratuskov also met on Tuesday.” (translated from Delo)