President of the Party of Democratic Action and current BiH Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegović claims that the speeches and actions of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic are increasingly controversial, with more and more elements that contradict each other.

In an interview for Izetbegovic spoke on Serbian President’s speech in Kosovo, followed by talks on the exchange of territory with Serbia. He also talked about the internal circumstances in BiH, or about an ongoing election campaign. 

Vucic has caused a lot of reactions, especially because of the mention of Milosevic in a positive light. How do you comment on it?

Vucic is for peace, but he is armed. He ‘saw’ after the great mistakes the Serbs made, but praised warlords and war criminals. He is for reconciliation with the Bosnians and for a unified BiH, but he is friends with and does not oppose Dodik who insults Bosniaks and brings territorial integrity and peace in the Balkans into question in no way. Vučić is obviously in a gap. I think that he is trying to satisfy and calm the radical part of the Serbian public in a strong voice before pulling out some moves against Kosovo that could provoke resistance and possible rebellion.” (full interview at Klix)