“After two days of meetings with representatives of the state, the Israeli Ambassador to Slovenia Eyal Sela believes that the government’s plans to recognize Palestinian statehood are a consequence of Slovenia’s historical experience by attaining its own autonomy, which can not be mapped into the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

‘I understand where the Slovenian idea of ​​recognizing Palestine comes from,’ the Israeli ambassador explained in an interview with Delo. In his talks with representatives of the Slovenian state, he tried to explain why comparisons of the Slovenian experience with the Palestine were not appropriate.

‘The Middle East environment is different from Central Europe, especially since the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring,’ Sela believes. Israel insists that the Palestinian state should arise as a result of the negotiations and the ‘peaceful solution to the conflict with Israel’ and that the recognition of a Palestinian state without a peace agreement with Israel will not lead to a stable, peaceful and democratic endeavor. According to diplomatic sources, the Jewish state wants Slovenia to consider its aspect in its possible decision to recognize Palestinian statehood.” (translated from Delo)