“Up until this moment, the ruling majority has managed to finish 2/3 of the phases that are necessary to accomplish the changes in the Constitution with the constitutional amendments in accordance to the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece. Out of 15 steps, 5 remain to be done. In the process, the Government that proposed the changes, will need a two-thirds majority on two occasions. Once to open the Constitution and once again to close the Constitution, a procedure that can last several months.

With a two-thirds majority out of 80 MPs, the MPs have made a decision to start the changes in the Constitution i.e. they opened the Constitution. During the last three days, with the majority of votes, the Parliament has passed the draft-amendments for the changes in the Constitution and they are put for a public discussion that is organized by the proposer i.e. the Government.” (Meta)

This is the process for Macedonia to change its constitution. Photo: Meta