Still unofficial results published by the Anadolian news agency say Recep Tayyip Erdogan won 52.6 percent of the vote in the presidential race, while his AKP party for justice and development won 42.5 percent of the vote in the parliamentary elections.

The AK Party, in a coalition with the nationalist MHP party, which won 11 percent of the vote, will have a total of 53.5 percent of the MPs in Turkey’s parliament. 

Diaspora votes were important for the victory of Erdogan, and the vote had close to three million Turks living outside the country. 

Nearly 20,000 Turks living in the Balkans who also voted in the Balkan countries in several polling stations. 

According to preliminary results, Erdogan won the presidential race in BiH, Kosovo and Macedonia with 58.9, 57.4 and 58.4 percent of votes, BIRN reports. 

Chief Erdogan rival Muharrem Ince of the main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP won 30.6 percent of the vote and won most of the votes in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia with 49.1; 58.3; 55.9; 41.1 and 63.6 percent.” (translated from Klix)