The 2018 Freedom House Report was released on Friday. Let’s look into how the Balkans fared. Slovenia is the most free, and has an aggregate score of 93/100 with a GDP per capita of $20,873. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum was Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. Bosnia’s aggregate score 55/100 and Kosovo’s is 52/100. It is worthy to note that Kosovo’s freedom status is free, while Bosnia is marked as partly free. Another noteworthy part of the report was that Macedonia’s press freedom is determined to be not free. See the chart below for a full picture.

Furthermore, “Serbia received a downward trend arrow due to President Aleksandar Vučić’s continued consolidation of power, including through opaque party financing methods, politicization of law enforcement, and attempts to undermine critical journalists with financial investigations and smears in government-friendly media.”

Full scores for the world can be seen here.