“The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, said after the meeting of the National Council that he will not resign the governing coalition now that they do not make the majority after the decision of the Serbian List to leave the government.

‘The Parliament is consisted of many parliamentary groups. Serbian List is a partner. We have had a truthful partnership. Yesterday’s action was not directed against Kosovo Serbs and neither political community in Kosovo, only for those who violated the law. It is a standard procedure. This kind of decision is incomprehensible, because the law has to be implemented. There were case when leaders were dragged on behalf of the law. I do not intend to resign. I will continue with work. I have no comment for those who enter and leave,’ Haradinaj said.

‘I consider that this decision is not in the interest of Kosovo Serbs. I hope this decision will be withdrawn,’ he added.

Haradinaj said that National Council concluded during the meeting that security situation is calm and stable.”(RTK Live)