“Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haraidnaj is attending today the Brdo Summit, held under SEECP (South East Europe Cooperation Process). In his address to participants of the summit Hardainaj said that Kosovo remains committed to forums and regional cooperation initiatives, with the aim of achieving appropriate standards for Kosovo and the region towards full integration into European structures.

“The South East European Co-operation Process, founded on the principles of vision for the future and equality, is delivering concrete results in the process of approximation and integration of South-eastern European countries, while preserving the shared social, historical and geographical values. Kosovo has demonstrated its commitment to good relations with neighbouring countries, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and is continuing efforts to establish good neighbourly relations with Serbia as well. Kosovo belongs to the European family, the family of Western values and in this journey there is no turning back,” said PM Haradinaj addressing the summit.” (Gazeta Express)