“The representatives of the Association Mothers of Srebrenica, the detainees of BiH, the Association of parents of the killed children of Sarajevo, yesterday departed to The Hague. Their only wish – to hear the strictest punishment for the General of the Army of RS, Ratko Mladic, in the courtroom of the Hague Tribunal. They want to hear that he is found guilty of all counts of the extensive indictment.

“There is no excuse. There is no justification for killing people. To expel people from their territory and their city and even say that they fought for their homeland. Where is my homeland, then,” commented Kada Hotic.

‘He entered with his troops and ordered that these people must die. My son and husband and my brothers and my relatives – I counted up to 56 – all of them ended up under the ground and everyone was alive until Mladic entered Potocari,’ added Hotic.” (Sarajevo Times)

Ratko Mladic insists that he will attend the pronouncement of the verdict before the Hague Tribunal tomorrow (November 22), said SRNA Mladic’s lawyer Branko Lukic.

‘He will come. We will try to assess whether he can withstand it. He insists to be present,” said Lukic.

Lukic, who today visited Mladic in the detention unit in The Hague, believes that he will not be able to withstand the verdict because his condition is very bad. ” (translated from Klix)