“The New Slovenia Party (NSi) announced on Monday that it is leaving the coalition negotiations under the leadership of Marjan Šarec, and the next day it has already gone to the SDS meeting Janez Janša, the relative winner of the June early parliamentary elections.

As it turned out, it wasn’t only Matej Tonin and other representatives of the NSi who met with Janša. SNS leader Zmago Jelinčič also met with the SDS leader on Tuesday, who did not want to talk about the content of the talks. Jelincic confirmed that they also talked about the program, but according to him, it is still too early to talk about the coalition agreement. In addition to his party and the NSi, the list of Marjan Šarc (LMŠ) is best seen in Janša’s government.” (translated from Slovenske Novice)

“A Slovenian political party that has been talking to the top two finishers in last month’s inconclusive parliamentary ballot proposed that they join forces to break a deadlock that may trigger a re-do election.

The euro-area nation of 2 million people is facing a protracted standoff after no party emerged with a clear majority, touching off the European Union’s latest struggle between populists and pro-integration political forces. The record nine parties that made it into parliament are roughly split between those that tout the benefits of EU membership and a brand of euroskeptic, anti-immigrant leaders like those who’ve taken power in neighboring Hungary, Austria and Italy.” (Bloomberg)