“The Modern Center Party (SMC) President Miro Cerar said after the today’s meeting of the party’s executive committee that the SMC is seen in a coalition of parties that advocate for an open, free-thinking and development-oriented society and that the president of the second-placed Marjan Sarec List (LMŠ) president Marjan Šarec wants to form. ‘If he succeeds in forming a stable coalition, we will be part of that coalition, too,’ he added.

He also said in a media statement after a meeting to discuss the party’s pre-emptive intentions, SMC also wants to be able to implement the client’s program goals in such a coalition and to continue the good results of the current government with the SMC at the helm.

After the elections, Cerar met  with Šarec twice, but today they also held a joint conversation with Alenka Bratušek . At the meeting, the presidents of the parties, following Cerar’s statements, checked ‘what are our program relatedness to see what role we can play together in the possible formation of a coalition.'” (translated from Sio1)