“The Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, probing alleged crimes committed by former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during and after the war, has invited four ex-KLA senior figures to be interviewed in January 2019, defense lawyers confirmed.

Among the invited by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office are former commanders of the Drenica region Sami Lushtaku and Llapi region Rrustem Mustafa, a KLA commander of the Llapi region Nazif Mehmet and former head of the KLA war court, Sokol Dobruna who in an interview with T7 television said that he was invited to give an interview on 12 December at Specialist Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina.” (Gazeta Express)

“The Hague Special Chambers called former KLA commander Nazif Mehmeti, better known as Commander Dini and Sami Lushtaku, for an interview. Mehmeti will be questioned from 22 to 24 January in the Hague, while Lushtaku received a call to appear before the court on January 14, on the same day as former “KLA Lab operational zone” commander and former Kosovo MP, Rustem Mustafa – Remi.

In addition to the KLA commanders, former president of ‘the Kosovo Military Court of the Kosovo Liberation Army’ (KLA), Sokol Dobruna will also be questioned on December 12th, Pristina-based Insajderi reported.

It is not known whether they will appear in the court as witnesses or defendants.” (KosSev)