“Members of the Association of Families of Missing and Imprisoned Croatian Soldiers were received by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in Belgrade today (Tuesday, 20 February 2018).

Following a two-hour meeting, promises were repeated to invest all efforts to uncover the fate of those that went missing but there were no concrete results. This was the first time that Croatian families met with the Serbian president since their meeting with Boris Tadić in 2010.

The president of the Union of Families of Imprisoned and Missing Croatian Soldiers Ljiljana Alvir said that they talked openly and the meeting could only possibly initiate certain solutions. ‘We turned his attention to the fact that Serbian institutions have not done their job for more than 20 years and that at this time, he as the president of Serbia, is the person who could raise this issue if he really wants to. Do I believe or not that he will do this? I am waiting and I think that families are waiting to see the credibility of his statements,’ said Alvir.” (Voice of Croatia)