“Yesterday, EU Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn responded to Hungary’s decision to grant asylum to Nikola Gruevski, after the former prime minister boasted about it on Facebook. Hahn said that if it were true, he expects a sound explanation from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán regarding the grounds of such a decision.” (Meta)

“I think that the case with Gruevski can be filed under terms such as irony and paradox because it’s about a person under which rule the European Commission defined Macedonia as a captured state. We have a conclusion from the Council for general matters dated from June this year, where a legal conclusion is demanded and accountability about the indications for felonies that have come out of the wiretapped conversations. This was supported by the European Council.

And now Macedonia as a country candidate is doing everything in its power regarding the law to rule. And it really ironic and a paradox for a man that is convicted, a felon that is facing four other charges and five other investigations underway to be granted asylum by a member state. We are in difficult territory now and will take into account our interests among which is the interest for good relations with Hungary in the process of what we should do and how shall we do it – said Dimitrov.” (Meta)