“The EU office in Kosovo, today, called ‘upon all’ to refrain from any attacks against rule of law institutions in Kosovo including any personal and defamatory comments against individual prosecutors or judges. The EU office in Kosovo issued a press release after the special prosecutor Elez Blakaj resigned due to threats, as he claimed. Harsh criticism followed from Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj and Chief Prosecutor Alexander Lumezi.

‘The EU is closely following the case of prosecutor Elez Blakaj. The independence and autonomy of the judiciary, including the prosecution, is of crucial importance in this context and must be ensured. Statements of some politicians and prosecutors of Kosovo in this regard undermine the key principles of the rule of law. Furthermore, they also send discouraging signals to all judicial officials dealing with sensitive and important cases. The EU reiterates that pending investigations should be carried forward with professionalism and in full respect of the rule of law, free from any interference’ – the EU stated also.” (KosSev)