“The EU top officials, Federica Mogherini, Cecilia Malmstrom and Johannes Hahn, have sent a letter to Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj on Tuesday. 

The letter notes: ‘We would like to thank you for your letter dated 15 December. We regret however that you have not taken into consideration the offer made by Commissioner Hahn in Prishtina and reiterated in our letter to take part in a dedicated format to address trade irritants within CEFTA, which you highlight in your letter as a pressing concern for your government, and you have not indicated a personal representative who could take part in preparatory trade talks with Serbia facilitated by the Commission. We also regret the lack of willingness to suspend the 100% tariff increase on goods imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a gesture of goodwill. We strongly disagree with your assessment that the Dialogue is stalling. Quite the contrary the Dialogue being conducted by the two Presidents has been making steady progress. We have shared this assessment with the EU Leaders at the December European Council and received an encouraging message of support. We consider that unilateral action or untimely statements, from any sides, can only be detrimental and slow down the progress that can be made within the framework of the Dialogue. Now is the time to accelerate the conclusion of a legally binding agreement addressing all issues for a sustainable normalization of relations with Serbia. The resolution adopted by the Kosovo Assembly this Saturday is an important development and will contribute to strengthening the weight of Kosovo authorities and should make it easier to rapidly and constructively proceed, under the current set-up of the High-Level Dialogue. We take note of the proposal for a comprehensive framework agreement that you presented on 13 December. We welcome it and consider it as an input to the Kosovo positions that will be expressed by its President in the current Dialogue, which is for the EU the only realistic framework for addressing the normalization of relations between Prishtina and Belgrade. With the unity team in place with a wide support across parties in government and opposition, and with your proposal feeding into the work of the unity team supporting President Thaci, it is now time to return to the EU-facilitated Dialogue. It is now essential that you put all your weight behind the efforts of the President in the Dialogue. We look forward to continuing with you this conversation during the Stabilisation and Association Council on Monday.'” (RTK)