“The European Union (EU) annually provides a total of €35million ($41.5 million) to assist Montenegro on its joining path, the Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Aivo Orav said today in Niksic.

Orav explained that this assistance was provided for ‘a specific relationship and mutual desire for Montenegro to become an EU member.’

‘We help Montenegro in order for it to be the perfect candidate when it becomes member state, which is realized by providing assistance in economic and democratic reforms, especially in the field of ecology, media freedom and the fight against corruption,’ Orav said after meeting with the leaders of the Niksic local administration.

Speaking about the visit of the EU delegation to Niksic, made up by several ambassadors of the member states, Orav said that they came on the occasion of the Europe Day, held on May 9th.” (RTCG)