“Montenegro’s main negotiator with the European Union, Aleksandar Drljevic, said he expects more efficiency in work and more visible results in the rule of law, stating that there needs to be results without any compromise.

Drljevic also believes that by forming the Office for European Integration in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, coordination of the negotiation process has been raised to a higher level, thus sending the government a clear message that integration into the European Union is a state priority.

‘By assuming the duties of the chief negotiator, I was aware that both me and my team expects a difficult job, but I am determined to dedicate myself professionally and fully. Concerning concrete tasks, our first and foremost task is to coordinate the work of the negotiating structure in meeting the benchmarks of chapters 23 and 24 and to communicate and coordinate with the European Commission and the member states. This, as the public is known, is one of our biggest challenges. However, after examining the situation, I do not have any suspicion that this business can be successfully completed, with certain changes in the organization and work of the negotiating structure,’ said Drljevic Pobjeda.” (translated from Crna.Gora)