“EU General and Foreign Affairs Councils on June adopted on Tuesday in Luxembourg conclusions on Enlargement and Stabilisation and Association Process for the Western Balkan countries. This document will be reviewed after two days by the EU chief during a meeting of the Council of the European Union. In Kosovo’s part it is stated that the Council is waiting for the European Commission’s assessment on whether Kosovo has fulfilled the final benchmark on visa liberalisaiton.

‘The Council welcomes the ratification by the Kosovo Assembly of the border agreement with Montenegro in March 2018, which constitutes the fulfilment of one of the key criteria for Kosovo’s visa liberalisation and an important achievement in the spirit of good neighbourly relations. The Council takes note of the Commission’s intention to present an assessment of the final benchmark on the strengthening of the track record in the fight against organised crime and corruption and invites the Commission to report on whether the other benchmarks continue to be met,’ it is stated in the report.

As regards the EU facilitated Dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, the Council welcomes that both sides have committed themselves vis-à-vis the High Representative to work on a comprehensive normalisation of relations, including in the form of a legally binding agreement, which is key for their respective European paths and essential for sustainable regional stability.” (Gazeta Express)