“The European Union on Monday warned Albania against ‘interference’ in neighbouring countries, after Prime Minister Edi Rama said his country and Kosovo could one day have a single president as a ‘symbol of national unity.’

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia 10 years ago but Belgrade does not recognise it and has repeatedly accused Tirana of wanting to build a ‘Greater Albania,’ an aspiration it denies.

In a comment likely to anger Belgrade, Rama noted during a speech to the Kosovo parliament on Sunday that the two neighbours, both predominantly ethnic Albanian, already share diplomatic missions around the world and added: ‘Why not a single president, as a symbol of national unity?’

European Commission spokeswoman Catherine Ray said the bloc supported “reconciliation and regional cooperation” in the Western Balkans, torn apart by conflict when Yugoslavia broke up in the 1990s and where six states are now working towards EU membership.

‘Statements which might be interpreted as political interference in neighbouring countries are not helpful in building good neighbourly relations,’ Ray told reporters in Brussels.” (World Bulletin)