“Thousands of Bosnians demanded Tuesday that authorities find the truth behind the deaths more than two years apart of a Bosniak and a Serb, bridging Bosnia’s ethnic divide with a protest calling for an end to alleged government corruption and negligence.

Holding banners reading ‘Who is protecting the killers?’ and ‘We want the truth,’ the protesters in the capital of Sarajevo accused authorities of covering up the killings of David Dragicevic and Dzenan Memic.

Memic, 22, of Sarajevo, died in February 2016 from what prosecutors initially described as intentional homicide, but later treated as the result of a vehicle accident. Two men have been charged with driving the van that hit Memic. His father claims his son was slain deliberately and authorities protected the real killers.

Dragicevic, 21, from Serb-held Banja Luka, was found dead in March. Police said he drowned, but Dragicevic’s father insists his son was beaten and then killed. The father has led weeks of protests in Banja Luka that have challenged the government in the Serb-dominated part of the country.” (Tampa Bay Times)