“The Mayor of the Presevo Valley Bujanovac town told N1 that a longtime lack of willingness to include the ethnic Albanians into the state structures and in the society as a whole left an impression that Serbia didn’t want them.

Saip Kamberi said that the Assembly of the Albanians from Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja, the three municipalities in the Valley, adopted a declaration demanding that participants in the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue include their problems in the talks.

‘We doubt that any agreement between Kosovo and Serbia would bring stability unless our problems that have not been solved with Belgarde for 17 years are not settled or if they are pushed under the carpet,’ Kamberi, of the Party for Democratic Action, (PPD)  said.

He added they told Kosovo’s President Hashi Thaci about the issues and asked him to insist that Presevo Valley Albanian rights become a part of the European Union-facilitated dialogue.

‘The idea of border correction as a possible solution came up later,’ Kamberi said.”