The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is providing a loan of up to €5 million ($6.1 million) to MKF Partner, a microfinance institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to support energy efficiency investments in the country’s residential sector.

 Economy Financing Facility  for the Western Balkans. Incentives and technical cooperation in support of green technology investments will be provided by the European Union (EU), Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and the European Western Balkans Joint Fund under the Western Balkans Investment Framework.The funds will be on-lent to individuals, residents’ associations, producers, service providers, suppliers and vendors of green technologies for investments that modernize existing housing stock and support the implementation of sustainable energy technologies.

The new loan follows a previous investment, made in 2017, making a total of €22 million ($27 million) available towards green residential loans in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” (Renewable Green Energy Magazine)