“Current RS President Milorad Dodik says that he intends to, after assuming his new duties, present an initiative to recognize Crimea as part of Russia.

Dodik, the leader of the Serb entity (RS) in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) was on Sunday elected as the new Serb representative in the tripartite Presidency of BiH.

‘The unification of the peninsula with Russia came as a result of a legitimate referendum that was in accordance with the UN charter. It was a democratic process during which the inhabitants of the peninsula expressed their views. Besides, Crimea historically belongs to Russia and is an integral part of it,’ Dodik told the Russian daily Izvestia.” (B92)

“Milorad Dodik’s hostile statements on the recognition of Crimea and other Ukrainian territories as Russian can threaten the friendly relations between the two countries and damage Bosnia’s authority in the international community, the Ukrainian Embassy said.

Recalling Dodik’s earlier statements of his future initiative on the recognition of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Stevastopol (Ukraine) as parts of Russia, and the referendum on Crimea’s accession to the Russian Federation as legitimate and democratic, the Ukrainian Embassy said that ‘such statements are completely contrary to the EU, US and international community’s attitudes towards the Crimea referendum and its annexation by the Russian Federation.'” (N1)