The recently-elected member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Republika Srpska (RS), Milorad Dodik, today made a solemn oath in the parliament of the RS entity, and tomorrow it should do so in Sarajevo, together with the other two members of the state Presidency.

‘I, Milorad Dodik, I assure myself that I will perform the duties conscientiously and responsibly, guard the state secrets, the interests of the peoples and citizens of Republika Srpska will be defended and represented, the constitution and the laws of the RS and BiH will honor,’ Dodik said before addressing the deputies and citizens.

Dodik said that after two mandates in the position of the President of Republika Srpska he felt proud because he had fulfilled all the goals for the preservation of the RS.

‘My policy is not going to change and I’m only changing my workplace, but I’m staying in the RS. I’m going to do another important job for RS, and I have to take the oath here, where I was elected by the people. I’m dealing with politics and will be at the center of my work in the BiH Presidency,’ Dodik said.” (translated from Klix)