“Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said that it was too early to talk about his candidacy for the BiH Presidency member, but he said that he believes that things are heading for that.

Visiting the Fair TV show on Federal Television, Dodik reiterated that SNSD’s authorities will decide on his candidacy and will not be able to refuse their decision. He also emphasized that he is sure of winning his party at all levels.

‘Twice I had the mandate of the RS President and can not be re-run by the Constitution. It is customary for the president of such a powerful party to bid on one of these individual functions in order to pull the party to the top. It’s still a long way off, although I’m not running away from it. Many in my party think this is certain, and I believe that things are moving towards it,’ Dodik said.” (translated from Klix)