“The decision of the Srpska Lista to leave the provisional institutions in Pristina is good, said the President of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, on the RTRS TV show “Lazanski Direktno.”

Looking at yesterday’s scenes from the north of Kosovo, Dodik, he says, felt outraged. He believes that the aim of Marko Djuric’s arrest is to intimidate Serbs and attempt to humiliate them, but also to humiliate Serbia.

The last scenes of violence in Kosmet are the result of another unresolved issue that has remained behind one of the ‘plot’  of the international community in the Balkans, according to the President of RS. The Western forces, they said, misused the confidence that the Serbs gave them and thus significantly threatened the negotiation process.

Kosovo claims, along with BiH, evidence of failed attempts by the West.

‘The fact that five EU countries do not recognize Kosovo and the fact that the EU acts on the principle of consensus, the question is how can the EU implement the policy in Kosovo if five countries do not recognize this policy. Some EU rules are being violated,” he said. Dodik.

The system of double standards applied by the West, Dodik claims, must be interrupted and Serbia is in a position when this standard can end. The fact is that the story about Kosovo has not been completed, but also that Serbia has managed to put that question back on the agenda.” (translated from Nezavisne Novine)