Republika Srpska (RS) Leader Milorad Dodik has told Deutsche Welle in an interview that he dreams of a referendum in the Serb entity of BiH, but for now, “the referendum is not on the agenda.”

He went on to explain that the written Dayton Accords fall in line with Bosnia, but not the amended form, “Extra-constitutional Bosnia us does not match, the constitutional Bosnia suits us. But that no one wants to hear.”

Dodik continued to give his opinion on Kosovo’s unilateral independence from Serbia in 2008. “I’m not against Kosovo’s independence. I am for dialogue between Belgrade and that ( Kosovo). And if Belgrade decides so I that I have nothing against, but then my next question would be why can’t Republika Srpska. If there are rights for one then there must be rights for others. ”

He concluded that Serbia follows a policy of preserving territorial integrity, “Yes, the moment Serbia says it was ok for Kosovo to secede, we (RS) would be safe and separated by now.”