“According to the Republika Srpska entity President, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is interfering in the internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the RS under the guise of the fight against corruption and that it is time to finally stand up to this.

Commenting on Bosnia and Herzegovina Council of Ministers’ agreement with USAID on the distribution of USD 8 million (around EUR 6.9 million) intended for various projects, Dodik said this could not have happened before.

‘USAID was allowed to donate funds to the ‘joint’ institutions and they would be implemented according to the RS and Bosnian laws. They are interfering in our affairs on the basis of a plan conceived by the US Embassy with the aim of bypassing the procedures,’ Dodik said. ‘The funds are given to hidden institutions and bodies, which is an interference in internal affairs, regardless of the fact that they have an apparent approval for this.'” (N1)