“The European Union must not miss the opportunity to integrate the Western Balkans as it poses a great danger to the political influence of third countries that do not have the same strategic goals as the European Union, which would leave our region in a conflict zone, and the European continent seemed insufficiently stable and unconventional, said the President of Montenegro Up Milo Djukanovic.

He added that he was confronted with misunderstanding “both at home and at some European addresses” due to such statements.

‘As I said, I consider the idea of ​​a united Europe to be absolutely superior, and I see the European path of development of the Balkans as a path without alternative, but we expect everyone to accept that we are in the Balkans, partners in the negotiation process with the European Union, and not the experimental laboratory of its administration. The work of further unification of Europe in the region can be done much faster and better if our vision is crystal clear and partnership is sincerel and relies on mutual respect.'” (translated from Vijesti)