“The Government of Kosovo believes that correction of the borderline with Montenegro will be concluded within the two year deadline as foreseen with the Agreement on demarcation between the two countries.

Government officials say that the political-technical body tasked to make potential correction of the border is in continuous contact with the Government of Montenegro. But the opposition parties say that there will be no real correction of borderline with Montenegro, and the initiative of the Government is just a waste of time. After Kosovo Parliament ratified the Agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro in March, Government officials say that potential correction of the border with Montenegro will be done in compliance with the agreement reached between presidents Hashim Thaci of Kosovo and Filip Vujanovic of Montenegro. Halil Matoshi, media advisor to Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj believes that the working teams of both Pristina and Podgorica will start working on correction of the alleged disputed borderline. ‘The border will be adjusted as foreseen with the agreement, at the director of Kulla and Cakorr and this will become reality soon,. Political-technical groups, namely the Government of Kosovo and the Prime Minister is in continuous contact and with all relevant institutions in order to make this happen,’ the public broadcaster RTK quotes Matoshi as saying.” (Gazeta Express)