“Kosovars risk being isolated even in 2019, if the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro is not ratified by the Assembly in January. It is the main condition of the European Union for visa liberalization.

This is the warning given to political parties by former Foreign Minister (and current Deputy PM) of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj.

He has said that since January a new dynamic is expected in the demarcation, where at the end of the debate, there is expected to be a discussion in the Assembly.

‘It is high time that all political parties that are in government, including the opposition, to vote for the agreement and move forward liberalizing visas for citizens”.

‘Therefore, we expect that in January to create the new situation and to resolve this issue. If that does not happen, then I fear that we will lose the chance for 2018, and for 2019. Therefore, it is high time that the leaders of political parties, not only for demarcation, but also for other national issues to find a consensus,’ said Hoxhaj, adding that the dilemma of the loss of territory by this agreement does not lie. (translated from Gazeta Express)