“Kosovo’s government has decided to reopen the parliamentary debate on a border demarcation deal with Montenegro.

A government statement issued on Monday said the Cabinet decided to seek ratification of the border deal in Parliament, where it lacked sufficient support for approval earlier this year and led to a no-confidence vote for the coalition leading the country at the time.

The statement said that a report from a new government commission covering border issues will be sent to the parliament after it had found that a report of its predecessor had ‘many shortcomings.’

The opposition had claimed the deal signed in 2015 would cost Kosovo territory. The previous Cabinet, international experts and Western backers of the agreement disputed the claim.

The party of current Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj had been part of the opposition at the time.

On his Facebook page, Haradinaj said he considered the report of the new commission to be ‘credible,’ adding that the previous version ‘damaged its territorial integrity.’

But it is not clear how the government will proceed if the Parliament turns down the signed deal, as expected.” (Miami Herald)

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