Serbian President Aleskandar Vučić accompanied his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to the southern Serbian city of Novi Pazar today. The city was decked out in Turkish and Serbian flags as well as banners reading “Vučić-Erdoğan.” Erdoğan, enthused to be in the muslim majority city, stated, “Novi Pazar is my native land. Your happiness is our happiness, your pain is our pain.” Vučić sounded a bit more reserved when he addressed the Serbian citizens in front of city hall, “I know that I will not be welcomed half as well as the president of Turkey, but I have enough courage and clear conscience to be able to come before you and tell you that I have worked and will work in the best interests of you and every citizen of Serbia.” This concludes the official trip of President Erdoğan to the Republic of Serbia. There were twelve agreements signed Tuesday and an additional four agreements signed today regarding economics and boosting Turkey’s influence in the region. (B92, Translated from Večernje Novosti)