“In honour of the International Fact-Checking Day, the Danas daily reports about an analysis done by the Istinomer website (www.istinomer.rs ) which has been promoting the responsibility for the publicly spoken world and has been evaluating the truthfulness of the statements given by public officials since 2009.

Istinomer uses three criteria in their evaluation – keeping promises, truthfulness and consistency. In the last nine years, Istinomer has evaluated over 3,000 statements of both state and local public officials.

‘Fact-checking is not something that only journalists should do. It is important to find out how truthful is everything you hear or read in any segment of the society, particularly politics. The survival of a society that has (or claims to have) a democratic system depends on whether it is made of truthfully informed citizens”, says Milka Domanovic from Istinomer.

In the past year, Istinomer evaluated close to 140 statements of 32 Serbian politicians and public officials. Out of a total of 92 ratings in the category of truthfulness, in 83% of the cases politicians were telling lies. Only six statements given last year have been evaluated as ‘true.’ When it comes to promises, out of the 37 evaluated promises, 92% were not kept, and only 8% were.” (Serbian Monitor)