“On the margins of the 73rd UN General Assembly the Croatian President met with her Turkish counterpart, with whom she discussed bilateral relations as well as the situation in Southeast Europe.

In their discussion about bilateral relations presidents Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovićand Recep Tayyip Erdogan primarily focused on the export of Croatian products to Turkey. Their talks also touched on the situation in the region with an emphasis on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

‘In the first place there are the elections that will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 7th and the situation after that, and what can we do together to help Bosnia and Herzegovina on the path to prosperity, and European Union and NATO membership,’ President Grabar-Kitarović said.” (Voice of Croatia)

“Bosniak candidate for the state Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sefik Dzaferovic, harshly condemned Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, for discussing the internal Bosnia’s issues with international officials.

‘Kolinda-Grabar Kitarovic is again wasting her time and diplomatic credibility of the Republic of Croatia by delegating the internal matters of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the agenda of meetings with international officials, especially by lobbying for particular political interests related to the electoral legislation,’ said Dzaferovic.” (N1)