“Prime Minister Andrej Plenković has said that the Istanbul Convention will be on the government agenda and that they are working on finalizing interpretive statements.

Commenting announcements by Social Democratic Party MPs saying that they will not vote for the ratification of the Convention precisely because of these statements, the prime minister said that he would like that to happen because it would show that petty politics are in question and it would bring the credibility of the opposition into question.

‘I am not afraid, I would actually like the opposition, that speaks so much about the convention and initiated an interpellation, to be so rude and arrogant as to dare to not vote for the convention. This would then confirm that perhaps this whole attempt, all this time, was just petty politics. I would really like to see that scenario, especially knowing the contents of the interpretive statements. I would like that because someone, who had a chance to ratify it and had the required majority, didn’t do so three years ago, and now they are even initiating interpellations, now they are threatening blindly that they won’t vote for it. What kind of credibility can they have?’ added Andrej Plenković. The prime minister emphasized that the topic of protecting women against violence is not a topic that only one part of the political spectrum can ‘in a privileged manner take as their own.’

‘At this time we are working on the finalization of interpretive statements, so as far as the government stance is concerned, that document will certainly make it to a government cabinet session. We want to agree on its contents with our partners. I would like to achieve as wide a consensus as possible on the document which primarily has a goal to prevent violence against women and in the family. I want to remove fears of all that see certain problems with the text or some possible later steps,’ said Plenković speaking to reporters after attending a presentation of activities ‘Directed toward the future’ at the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Company.” (Voice of Croatia)