“Ambassador of Croatia (to Montenegro) Veselko Grubišić believes that Montenegro’s membership in NATO is an argument that will accelerate its accession to the European Union and that Montenegro is ‘not far from it.’ He said this at the ‘Ambassador Hour’ in Niksic, organized for the 26th time by the NGO ‘Alfa Center,’ attended by Nikšić high school students.

Grubišić, on the example of Croatia, wanted to explain to Nikšić high school students what Montenegro and its population would gain by joining the EU.

‘Of course, we decided on Brussels. If you are out of the room in which you decide about you, then ask someone to tell you what they said about you. In this case, you sit at the table for which you decide and have the opportunity to influence, to present your own interests and your demands to others, and to bring some small streams to yourself,’ said Croatia’s ambassador to Montenegro.” (translated from Vijesti.me)