“Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec announced that Slovenia is preparing to file a lawsuit against Croatia due to the latter’s refusal to acknowledge the arbitration decision in the border dispute between the two countries.The response from the Croatian side was not long in coming. Reporters caught up with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, who simply said that Cerar will come to Zagreb and then they will deal with the Slovenia border issue head on – at which point the press will be filled in on all of the relevant details. MP Miro Kovac, a former foreign minister in the previous government led by the HDZ’s Tomislav Karamarko and the current chairman of the parliament’s foreign policy committee, was more pointed in his comments. “said that he does not know the grounds upon which Slovenia is planning to sue Croatia, noting that the only option for them is to open up bilateral talks with Croatia to resolve the problem. ‘I don’t know how Mr. Erjavec plans to justify this lawsuit or explain the grounds for it. This was a bilateral agreement between two countries, Croatia and Slovenia. The Croatian side broke off the agreement because Slovenia was trying to cheat. I’d like to see how Mr. Erjavec plans to do this.'” (Voice of Croatia)

“A large number of citizens, a delegation of the HDZ, and veterans’ associations and families mourned the 18th anniversary of the death of the first President of the Republic of Croatia and HDZ, Dr. Franjo Tudjman, on Sunday at the Mirogoj Cemetery. Almost all of the current Prime Minister’s ministers, former associates of the first Croatian president, and many generals, alchemists, members of HDZ, a delegation from the City of Zagreb led by Mayor Milan Bandic, and numerous citizens who came from all parts of Croatia to pay tribute to the first Croatian president under the modern and independent Croatian state.The HDZ delegation was led by President of the party Andrej Plenkovic who, after laying down the wreaths, highlighted Tudjman’s visionary, gathering, and state politics led Croatia in unfavorable international circumstances towards liberation in the Homeland War. ‘Today, a lot of people gathered at Mirogoj to express respect for the statesman and man who was the leader of Croatia for the milestones of both Croatia and Europe,’ Plenkovic told journalists.” (translated from N1)