“The UN court in the Hague says it could not have prevented a war criminal from taking poison and killing himself. Gambian judge Hassan Jallow said that without specific intelligence, no measures would have guaranteed the poison was detected. Bosnian Croat war criminal Slobodan Praljak died after taking potassium cyanide when his prison sentence was upheld. A Dutch police inquiry into possible criminal activity is continuing. Judge Jallow – who was appointed by the tribunal to investigate Praljak’s death – said it was unclear how or when the convicted man came into possession of the potassium cyanide.” (BBC News)

“State-owned broadcaster Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) will launch a TV channel for Croatians around the world on Monday 1 January 2018. HRT will launch the TV channel HRT – HTV 5 for expat Croats and Croats living around the world. The satellite signal for HTV 5 will be available in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand with the channel broadcasting specialised content intended for Croatian emigrants and the international public. The channel will also broadcast a selection of the content of the other four HRT channels (HRT 1, 2, 3, 4) as well as a selection of archival material from HRT.” (Croatia Week)

“Slovenian authorities have begun a one-sided implementation of the arbitration decision on the border – which Croatia does not recognize. They began implementation at the sea border – which they consider arbiters to have precisely defined. They have announced that boats crossing the border will no longer be warned but sanctioned. Ljubljana could use the case of France against the United Kingdom in 1978 as a model when judges ruled in favor of the older EU member country. Fishermen that sailed out to the middle line today said that today’s trip was the same as any other day, only Slovenian inspectors came out to sea. “Everything was the same, only every one of our boats was accompanied by one of our patrol boats. They came close, watched us a little more, sailed around the boats and then returned. There were no incidents of any kind,” said Savudrija fisherman Ecio Kocijančić who believes he may receive a fine. He has received fines before. Three Croatian fishing boats sailed out today, the catch was poor. Fishermen said they would no longer sail out today. People were not worried at the shell farm in Kangeri either, even though they too were visited by Slovenian police today. They were protected by Croatian police.” (Voice of Croatia)