“President Reuven Rivlin is scheduled to pay state visits this week Croatia and neighboring Serbia. Departing for Zagreb Monday evening, Rivlin will conclude the trip with a one-day visit to Belgrade on Thursday. The flight between the Balkan capitals is just under an hour.

Today independent states, Croatia and Serbia were two of the six constituent republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which broke up in 1992 following the collapse of Communist rule. Both declared independence in 1992. Montenegro seceded from its union with Serbia in 2006, while Kosovo declared its independence in 2008. While Croatia became 28th member of the European Union in 2013, Serbia’s bid to join the EU remains frozen because it will not recognize Kosovo’s independence.” (Jerusalem Post)

“From today’s government cabinet session Prime Minister Andrej Plenković once again congratulated the Croatian National Football Team for winning the silver medal at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

‘A big congratulations to coach Dalić, the football players, the expert staff, the leadership of the Croatian Football Federation, all those that who prepared celebrations for Croatia and the Croatian people and added to the satisfaction with this brilliant result by the world vice-champions. This is a fantastic success and Croatia has become a global brand’ said Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

He also announced that the government will seek a solution for a national football stadium but also a balanced development of football infrastructure in the entire country. ‘At the same time without neglecting football infrastructure throughout Croatia, from the Poljud stadium which is now forty years old, because that many years has passed since the Mediterranean games. In Split, Rijeka and Osijek we have to take into account the balanced aspect of sports infrastructure but in the same manner take into account funds that will be invested into this,’ said the prime minister.” (Voice of Croatia)

“More and more tourists have been prolonging their stay in Croatia because of the incredible atmosphere that spread across the entire country during the FIFA World Cup.

The success of the Croatian national football team saw many tourism-oriented markets experience a considerable rise in demand, including in France, the United Kingdom and in Russia, countries against whom Croatia played key matches, stated the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board’s (HTZ) head office, Kristjan Stanicic, Total Croatia News reported.

Stanicic stated that the information they have received so far from various markets indicates a rise in interest in Croatia due to the country’s amazing appearance at the 2018 World Cup. When looking at the trends of tourism demand and sales to Croatia in the countries against which Croatia played the final three matches at the World Cup, and whether there was any downsizing or decline in sales, HTZ’s head office stated that this did not happen in Russia (quarterfinals), nor did it occur in England (semi-finals) or in France (final).” (Financial Tribune)