“French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday, before meeting with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic in Paris, that he would visit Croatia next year, emphasising excellent relations between the two countries.

‘Europe is built not just in Brussels but in all capitals of EU member states, and that’s why I will accept your invitation to visit Croatia next year. There has not been an official visit for 18 years, which I consider a certain aberration,’ Macron told the press before meeting with Plenkovic.” (N1)

“Several thousand people protested in Croatia’s capital on Saturday over government plans to raise the retirement age to 67 and cut pensions for those who retire early.

This week the government asked parliament to pass legislation lifting the retirement age of 65 from 2033 onwards, defending the reform as a step in efforts to make the pension system sustainable.” (Reuters)

“Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic responded to a statement by his Bosnian counterpart Denis Zvizdic on Friday, saying that non-interference in internal affairs was a 19th century concept and that as prime minister of Croatia he had a responsibility towards Croats living abroad.

The Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdic, an ethnic Bosniak, speaking earlier on Friday, accused Plenkovic of interfering in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s internal affairs following Plenkovic’s recent speeches at EU institutions in which he had warned that ethnic Croats in that country were put in an unequal position in relation to the country’s other two constituent ethnic groups, Bosniaks and Serbs.” (N1)

“Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic, with his associates, visited Ljubljana on October 17th, where he met Mayor Zoran Jankovic. The visit was an opportunity for the Dubrovnik delegation to get acquainted with the processes implemented by the City of Ljubljana in order to change urban mobility, using Smart City solutions.” (Dubrovnik Times)

“Zagreb’s longtime mayor has been acquitted on charges he defrauded the Croatian capital out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Prosecutors said they would appeal the October 19 ruling in favor of Milan Bandic and two former aides, who were also acquitted.

Bandic, who is considered one of Croatia’s most influential politicians, had been accused of allowing a church-affiliated group to set up public stands to collect campaign signatures without paying required fees, thus costing the city $47,700.” (RFE/RL)

“The days of double taxation between Croatia and Japan are over with the signing of an agreement today. The Croatian Minister of Finance, Zdravko Marić, and Kenji Yamada, the Japanese vice-minister for Foreign Affairs signed a bilateral taxation agreement in Zagreb.

This new agreement includes a number of tax breaks and improves conditions for trade relations between the two countries, commented the Minister of Finance.

‘Japan is one of the model economies and opportunities for cooperation with Japan have increased since Croatia joined the European Union in 2013. We want to be recognised as not just a country for tourists, but also develop our economy in various sectors, and Japan’s experience in that, and this agreement, can help,’ commented Zdravko Marić.” (Dubrovnik Times)