“The President’s former domestic policy adviser Mate Radeljić released a statement claiming that the chief of staff to the director of the nation’s security intelligence service was the one who informed him he was being let go in Thursday’s cabinet reshuffle and that the service would stop at nothing to keep him from jeopardizing national security.

‘He told me that the president was reshuffling her cabinet and that I would no longer be her advisor. He said he was sorry to be the one to tell me and that he was only following orders. Later during our conversation he told me that he had to stress the fact that, and I quote: The intelligence service must in every respect protect the president from my potential negative actions after I leave her staff and that he was prepared, if given the order, to run me over with a car,’ read the statement.” (Voice of Croatia)

“Croatia on Thursday raised the number of licenses for foreign workers in 2019 in an effort to make up for shortages of skilled domestic workers, notably in construction and tourism.

‘Our priority is to employ the local workforce but when it is not possible we will open the way for seeking workers from abroad,’ Labour Minister Marko Pavic told a cabinet session.

The overall number of licenses for foreign workers from countries outside the European Union has been raised to 65,100 from the 38,769 that are valid for this year.” (Reuters)

Croatian troops on a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan have sent Christmas wishes to family and friends as well as citizens of Croatia in a video message.

The Croatian contingent, led by Brigadier general Dražen Ressler, have wished Croatians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from their base in a short video.

The Croatian Armed Forces on the current Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan is the 106-member 9th Croatian contingent (HRVCON RS) who are spread on two locations – Kabul and Mazar-e-Shari.” (Croatia Week)

“Dozens of migrants tramped towards Bosnia’s border with Croatia, trying to cross illegally into the EU along a route that days earlier almost claimed the lives of a similar group.

About 30 men, women and children, some dressed only in tracksuits, were seen following a snow-covered route established by smugglers late on Wednesday.

In an area frequented by wolves and bears, it takes them to the foot of the Pljesevica mountain from where they are directed to walk several kilometres through thick pine forest to a border crossing not monitored by Croatian police.” (Daily Mail)