“The Croatian parliament ratified on Friday a European treaty that has provoked mass protests by social conservatives who believe it undermines family values in the predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Opponents of the Istanbul Convention say they support its aim of combating domestic violence but reject its definition of gender, which they believe paves the way for introducing transsexual or transgender as separate categories.

In the vote, 110 deputies in the 151-member parliament supported the treaty, drawn up by the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe which promotes human rights and democracy.” (Reuters)

“A public debate on the bill on the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal, which is planned for the Island of Krk, has begun. When the debate period has ended, it will be forwarded to government and then parliament.

The bill is expected to be adopted into law by the summer. It will regulate the construction of the LNG terminal, and subsequently the concession to use the maritime domain for its construction, fees for the unit of local government and the right to expropriate property. In the meantime the conflicts surrounding this investment are intensifying.” (Voice of Croatia)

The head of the Jewish Community of Zagreb (ZOZ) and of the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Communities in Croatia Ognjen Kraus said at a commemoration for the victims of the World War II concentration camp Jasenovac that the Croatian government and parliament must respect the constitution and the fact that the Ustasha salute ‘For the homeland, ready’ is unconstitutional.

The commemoration for the victims of the Ustasha-run concentration camp, where numerous Jews were killed, was organized by the ZOZ and the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Communities in Croatia, and it was the third consecutive annual commemoration held separately from the central state-level commemoration.” (total-croatia-news)