“Croatian authorities are denying a report by an international watchdog group that the country’s police are illegally and sometimes violently pushing migrants back into neighboring Bosnia.

Croatian Interior Ministry denied wrongdoing Sunday, responding to a video published by the Border Violence Monitoring group, BMV.” (Voice of America)

“The governor of the Croatian National Bank, Boris Vujčić, announced that Croatia will soon send a letter of intent regarding the introduction of the euro as the official currency.

“The first step to entry into ERM II is the sending of a letter of intent to enter the ERM II exchange rate mechanism and this will be sent relatively quickly. In addition to the formal disclosure of intent to enter the exchange rate mechanism, all activities planned to make Croatia become credible as a candidate for the exchange rate mechanism need to be carried out. Entrance to ERM II could probably be about a year after the letter’s intentions, so sometime in 2020,” Vujčić said in a conversation for the Croatian newspaper Vecernji List.” (Dubrovnik Times)

“Acquiring Croatian citizenship should be easier for Croats abroad and Croatian emigrants, the government proposes in amendments to the Citizenship Act which it sent to parliament on Thursday.

This bill of amendments is aimed at simplifying the acquiring of Croatian citizenship, which will recognise and valorise the economic, demographic, social, scientific and other potential of Croatian emigrants, said Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic.

Since 1992, when the Citizenship Act came into force, nearly 1.1 million foreigners have been naturalised, which does not include children of Croatian citizens, he added.” (Croatia Week)