“A procession marking the 27th anniversary of the fall of the city to Serb and JNA forces on November 18th 1991 was held in Vukovar on Sunday. For 87 days some 1800 poorly armed Croatian soldiers managed to fend off 36 thousand well-armed JNA and Serb troops.

Vukovar was under siege by Yugoslav People’s Army and Serb paramilitary forces for almost three months. The city was hit by more than 10 thousand shells every day. 1770 Croatian citizens and soldiers were killed in Vukovar’s defense, of which 386 are still listed as missing. Some 2800 Vukovar citizens and Croatian soldiers were interred in Serbian concentration camps.” (Voice of Croatia)

“The date when Croatia will adopt the Euro may not yet be known but the fact that at some point in time the Kuna will be dumped for the European currency isn’t under question. And the people will not be asked, in the form of a referendum, whether they are happy to change currencies, at least according to the latest statement from the Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković.” (Dubrovnik Times)

“One of the leading European budget airlines is in talks to open new routes from the UK to both Split and Zagreb. There is currently no budget airline route between the UK and Zagreb, since the collapse of Monarch airlines. Budget airline Eurowings do currently fly into Zagreb, but not from the UK.” (Time Out)

“Zagreb County Court on Thursday set a bail of 7.5 million kuna (€1 million) for the former owner and founder of the Agrokor food and retail group, Ivica Todoric.

Todoric was extradited from the UK last week, and was immediately put into pre-trial custody in an ongoing investigation in which he, his two sons and 12 Agrokor executives and auditors are suspected of syphoning 1.14 billion kuna (€153 million) from Agrokor before the company came to the verge of bankruptcy in early 2017.” (N1)