“Leaders across Croatia’s political spectrum are condemning an attack on Serb minority MPs Milorad Pupovac and Boris Milošević in downtown Zagreb on Friday.

Milorad Pupovac and Boris Milošević, of the Independent Serb Democratic Party, were walking through the captial’s Dolac market when someone threw handfuls of food at them by an unidentified assailant or assailants. No one was injured, but police are investigating the case.

Asked if he was surprised about the attack since Pupovac has been the target of strong criticism from some veterans’ groups, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovićsaid on Saturday that Croatia needed to do more to promote tolerance.” (Voice of Croatia)

“Austria’s Interior Minister Herbert Kickl announced a plan to include Ustasha symbols into the expanded list of banned symbols in this country.

The Austrian daily ‘Kleine Zeitung’ reported that the list will contain Ustasha symbols which were also used by Croatian fans in Austria during the World Football Championship.

The fine for the use of such symbols will be EUR 4,000 or a prison sentence of up to one year.” (N1)

“Zagreb has had direct connections to South Korea from the beginning of September with Korean Air linking the Croatian capital and Seoul.

So far the results have been better than expected with the South Korean airline reporting an impressive occupancy rate for all flights. There can be no doubt that Croatia is an “in” destination in South Korea, with the starting point being a popular Korean TV series that was filmed in the country and now riding the wave of positivity from the 2018 World Cup in Russia. And the airline is pulling out all the stops to attract even more passengers to Croatia with a series of promotional videos that are being shown through Korean on mainstream TV channels.” (Dubrovnik Times)