“A meeting of fishermen from Umag and Savudrija, where they were supposed to discuss how to approach the new situation in the Savudrija Bay, which was planned for Tuesday evening, was cancelled. The Croatian government contacted the fishermen and announced that they will meet with them by the end of the week. As a result tonight’s meeting was called off. Fishermen are in fear because they cross the border every day due to family ties and for work.

Interior Minister Davor Božinović told reporters that the open border issue with Slovenia can only be resolved through a bilateral agreement and that Croatia will not take any one-sided actions.

Asked how to protect the small man, considering the fact that fishermen fear that they will be arrested when entering Slovenia and who will pay their fines, Božinović said that this is why state institutions exist that will protect every Croatian person and every Croatian fisherman. ‘Our institutions, not only the Interior Ministry but also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Fishing Department are intensively communicating,’ said Božinović.” (Voice of Croatia)